Othello Tunnels + Fieldhouse Brewing

Othello Tunnels – Hope, BC 

Difficulty: Easy

Distance: 3.5kms / 2.2 Miles out and back

Elevation gain: Minimal

Time: 2 hours

Just east of the town of Hope you will find a very impressive piece of British Columbia history tucked away in The Coquihalla Provincial Park. The Othello Tunnels were built in the early 1900’s as part of the Canadian Pacific Railway. A series of 5 tunnels were carved out of granite through the gorge with a raging river below. It’s truly a sight you have to see to believe and imagine the challenges they must have faced all those years ago.

For those movie buffs out there. The area has been used a number of times for some blockbuster movies. If you have seen; Rambo: First BloodShoot to KillFar from Home: The Adventures of Yellow DogCabin in the Woods of War for the Planet of the Apes, you’re probably going to recognize some familiar locations.

We initially had planned on completing a much longer version of this hike but we were unaware after driving an hour and a half to get there, that the park was actually closed for the season. We cautiously ventured in as many others were on this day and only did the tunnel portion.

Once we completed the short hike we decided to head towards home and find some lunch at Fieldhouse Brewing in East Abbotsford. The trail itself is 89 kms from the brewery but we go right by it heading back to town and its a quick 5 minutes off of the Sumas Exit of Highway 1.

As always on weekends, the brewery was packed and the outdoor heated patio was also nearly full even though temperatures were just above freezing. My wife, Theresa really enjoyed her salad and The Sour Wheat Gose while I went for my usual chef special Grilled Cheese and Housemade Tomato Soup which I paired with A delicious Wild Farm Ale. A collaboration between Fieldhouse and Dageraad in Burnaby. It was so good I bought a bottle to go!

Check out the video of our day!


Buntzen Lake > Brewers Row



Photo Credit: Corey Bradder @beertifulbc

Craft Beer Tourist Group Hike #1 – July 16th, 2017

Can you think of a better way to spend a day, than to meet up with 30+ like-minded people who share your love for hiking and craft beer so you can enjoy an afternoon navigating a scenic trail and then converging on a local brewery to chat the day away while sipping on the latest IPA release? Me neither!

On July 2nd, 2017 I had an idea to invite my local Instagram followers to join me for a true BC Ale Trail experience hiking around Buntzen Lake, followed by a little brewery hopping in Port Moody’s Brewer’s Row, located a short distance from the trail. I pumped it up through Instagram and Facebook and by the day of the hike there were over 30 people signed up to attend. In the days leading up to the event, I got in contact with the four breweries that make up Brewer’s Row (Twin Sails, Yellow Dog, Parkside and Moody Ales) and asked if they would be interested in donating a prize to be awarded to some lucky hikers. All four of them thought it was a fantastic idea and generously contributed a prize. As the hike was a free event, I asked everyone to come with some canned goods or a cash donation for the Langley Food Bank for a chance to win some beer swag.

Nametags - Craft Beer Touirst

The morning of the hike arrived and for the first time in what seemed like a month, it was raining. I was worried that this would discourage people from attending. I had set the hike meetup time for 8:30am on a Sunday morning too which, given the location, might have been a bit early. I was starting to second guess how many people were going to show up. When we arrived and already saw a few faces, I breathed a sigh of relief. Then a few more showed up and once the crowd had fully formed there were nearly 40 of us! Donations were made, Craft Beer Tourist name tags were on and we were ready to hit the trails.

Group Photo - Craft Beer Tourist

Photo Credit: Corey Bradder @beertifulbc

Buntzen Lake Loop Trail is 8kms long and is listed as “Easy” with a total elevation gain of only 110 metres. It follows the edge of the lake in and out of the trees. With many levels of ability among the group we all set off at our own pace and over time began to spread out. Just over half way around the trail there is a beach that we had all agreed to regroup at and enjoy a trail beer or two. It was the perfect spot to get a great group shot and spend some time meeting everyone. Once our last hiker caught up with the group, we finished the second leg and met back up at our first spot where I gave away the prizes which consisted of a growler and fill at each of the four breweries. Along the way I had encouraged everyone to take pictures of their trail beers and share them on social media using the hashtag #hikeforbccraft. It was actually a great opportunity for me to show my wife that I’m not the only one that takes pictures of all my beers before I drink them!

It was now time to converge on Brewer’s Row. We didn’t have a plan of attack from there. Everyone was on their own to visit the breweries at their own pace. We spent the next couple hours sipping on delicious craft beer and getting to know our new friends as we eventually hit each of the breweries. With everyone wearing their nametags it was easy to spot those that attended the hike.

It was such an amazing day enjoying nature and socializing with so many new friends. I knew immediately that I would definitely be doing this again.

A couple of days later I went to The Langley Food Bank and dropped off 3 big boxes of food and $150 in cash thanks to the generosity of the people who donated that day. The community that surrounds the craft beer industry is a very caring and charitable group of people and I am proud to be a part of it.

Sea to Summit Trail & A-Frame Brewing


The Sea to Summit Trail – Squamish, BC 

Difficulty: Intermediate

Distance: 7.5kms / 4.6 Miles one way

Elevation gain: 918m /3011ft

Time: 3.25 Hours

The Sea to Summit trail starts out in the parking lot for the Sea to Sky Gondola ride in Squamish, BC. Before you start your hike, make sure you have money with you to pay for the ride back down! The trail wastes no time introducing you to the elevation gain you are about to experience as it begins on the same trail as the world-famous Stawamus Chief with steady uphill climbs and steep staircases. After reaching the turn off point for the Sea to Summit trail we left the masses behind and only saw a few other hikers the rest of the way.



The trail is a nice break from those hikes that are constant steady uphill grinds. This hike has several spots where is flattens out or heads downhill briefly and allows you to catch your breath and reduce your heart rate. The scenery amongst the trees is stunning, so be sure to slow down once in a while and look around, inhale slowly and deeply, taking it all in! Soon you will be back to a rigorous uphill section that will require your best effort.



The trail is very well-marked and has a bit of everything including some scrambling and sections where climbing with the assistance of existing ropes and chains is required. Along the way you will pop in and out of the trees and enjoy sweeping views of Howe Sound and beyond but the view once you get to the top will prove to be worth every ounce of sweat.



After taking some time to explore around the top of the gondola area and participate in an axe throwing challenge, we headed to the gondola for the ride down. From there we set our sights on a visit to A-Frame Brewing to rehydrate and relax.

A-Frame Brewing is just a quick 6 minute drive away from the trailhead so we hopped in the car and headed over. (Directions) A-Frame is a fairly new brewery that opened in December of 2016 becoming just the second brewery in the small town of Squamish and is locally owned by Jeff and Caylin, a sweet couple passionate about craft beer and community. All of their beers are aptly named after lakes from around the naturally diverse region and meticulously crafted by their talented brewmaster, Andrew Sawyer. I decided on a flight consisting of Okanagan Lake Cream Ale, Shuswap Lake IPA, Sproat Lake Dry-Hopped Pale Ale and Magic Lake Porter. Each beer offered something deliciously different and were all enjoyable. The cream ale and the porter we both stand outs for me. We enjoyed the serenity of the afternoon sipping our beers on their newly constructed patio and soaked in the sunshine while enjoying some food from a local food truck. It was a perfect post hike spot to indulge in some of BC’s finest craft beer.




Pacific Beach, SD


The trip all began as a chance to see my  beloved Tennessee Titans Football team play in sunny San Diego against the Chargers. I have been a big fan of NFL Football since the mid 90’s and became a Titans fan in 1999, the year they went to the Superbowl (and lost).  One of the huge side benefits to seeing a game in San Diego is that the craft beer scene there is insanely good. The planets all seemed to align when I learned that the weekend of the game was also the kickoff to San Diego Beer Week!! It was truly meant to be. I started looking at what events were going on and ended up buying some tickets to the San Diego Brewers Guild Festival. The event wasn’t until the Saturday afternoon so there would be lots of time to check out the local hikes and scenery as we were planning to arrive Wednesday night. This would give us all day Thursday and Friday to do some real exploring.

I was very fortunate to have a friend that owns a sweet Airbnb in Pacific beach just 2 blocks from the beach and the lively craft beer driven nightlife along Garnet Ave. The first day was a travel day, with our flight leaving out of Seattle in the afternoon. We often drive south to fly out of Seattle for travelling as the prices are usually much better than flying out of Vancouver, BC where we live. We had a good flight and arrived into San Diego around 9:00PM. We grabbed our rental car (a very cool, bright red Mustang convertible that I rented on points!) and headed to the rental house. Along the way, we stopped and picked up a couple grocery items and of course some tasty local craft beer. The “Build your own 6-pack” idea is pretty nice. This isn’t something I find very often in the Vancouver area. I picked up a mix from Ballast Point, Coronado, Karl Strauss and Stone. We found our destination and I settled in with a beer to unwind and plan our next day’s hikes!


We were excited to get going and start our adventure, so we were out of the house early and on the road to Cowles Mountain. We figured why not hike to the highest point in San Diego and get a good view of the entire area. When we arrived around 9:30am the trail was already packed. This was clearly a local favourite as the parking lot was full and there were many cars lining the street. We parked the car and gathered our gear. GoPro – check, water – check, camera – check and finally a chilled Ballast Point Big Eye IPA in my Ice2Bottle carrier to enjoy once we got to the top. (Ever wanted to conceal your beer in an insulated stainless steel water bottle? Check the link!)

The hike itself was a pretty good challenge. It maintains a fairly steady incline as you navigate switchback after switchback. This hike is wide open with no relief from the sun so plan accordingly. The temperature was already about 80F and with little wind, the heat became a factor early on. I knew, however, that it would only make that beer at the top that much sweeter! The views on this blue sky day were fantastic. We could see all the way to the Pacific coast and as far south as Tijuana, Mexico! The trail was dry and dusty with lots of traffic. The signs said it was about 3 hours round trip but we got to the top in about 1hr and 15 mins having only stopping to take a couple pictures. When we arrived at the 1591 ft peak we were treated to unreal 360-degree views of the surrounding area. I cracked my chilled beer….. and sat to take in the moment. We spent about ten minutes there and then began our descent. The hike back down was a breeze. We made it down in about 40 minutes. The breeze had picked up a bit, so it was much more enjoyable too. Returning to the car we were greeted by a lovely ticket on the windshield bearing a $59.95 fine for not turning our tires toward the curb! Unbelievable. The road barely had an incline at the point where we parked but there was a sign stating to do so that I failed to see when I parked, so shame on me. Oh well, life goes on.

We put the top down on the Mustang, cued up some good tunes and set our Maps destination to the La Jolla area for lunch. After a bit of Yelp research, we decided on The Public House. The place is kinda cool. It looks to have been someone’s house and garage that are now converted to a restaurant and patio. Cozy and cool. We sat on the patio under great big umbrellas and had a nice light lunch and enjoyed a flight. We then headed for a nice walk down to the La Jolla Caves where we saw an abundance of sea lions and pelicans. The area seemed very popular with lots of families and some people out snorkelling and scuba diving. After a nice long walk, we headed back to the car and continued north to the Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve.

The day pass for the park was $10 and worth every penny. There are plenty of trails here to choose from and each offer slightly different scenery. We opted to hike down to the beach. The hike felt like the reverse of our morning hike. Instead of hiking up then down we were making our way from the highest point down to the beach this time, so we were very aware of the work that would be ahead of us. We saw a sign warning us of rattlesnakes on the way but thankfully never saw any. All we did see, were a number of little birds and lots of cacti. The colouration of the eroded cliffs was a beautiful palette of browns and reds. Posed against the deep blue of the ocean below ,the juxtaposition was breathtaking. We arrived at the beach after the final descent along a sandy stairway. It was amazing. The walk along the beach with the ocean to the right and 200-foot towering cliffs to the left made me feel so small. We took in the sights and sounds and explored the cliff walls for a way down the beach before heading back up to the parking lot. The climb back up was definitely more work than going down but I guess we were conditioned from the morning so we powered our way through it.

Back at the car now we opted to take the scenic route back and were rewarded with fantastic views of the Pacific Beach and Mission beach areas. With the car parked for the night, we got ready and headed out for a well-deserved dinner. We chose a place called Crushed on Garnet Avenue that we really enjoyed. More flights, but not just beer this time. This place is known for their Mimosa flights. Theresa isn’t much of a champagne gal but was feeling adventurous. She had a rosemary grapefruit one, a passion fruit one and a pina colada one. The last of which she enjoyed the most. The flatbreads here were really good too. After that, we called it a night and decided that the next day we would stay close to home and explore “PB” (Pacific Beach). A solid first day experiencing what San Diego has to offer.


After a light breakfast at home, we headed out to find a coffee and make our way south along the Oceanfront Boardwalk that connects PB to Mission Beach and Belmont Park. The weather was once again perfect for a day out and about. The boardwalk was packed with cyclists, runners, walkers, rollerbladers and skateboarders. The walk from Reed Avenue, where we started, to the end of the oceanside boardwalk, before it loops back around to the bay side, was about 3 Miles. Once we turned the corner at the south end things calmed down dramatically. The wind died off, the water was calmer and there were way fewer people. We came about halfway back on the bayside and then decided to cut back over to the Oceanside to find a place to have some lunch and do some people watching.

We came out right at Draft. A huge craft beer focused restaurant right on the boardwalk. No option for flights here but they did offer 9oz pours so I ordered a couple and tried my first ‘Cioppino’. A shellfish dish with a flavourful tomato based broth and killer garlic baguette. The food and beer were excellent. From there we made our way a little further along and got thirsty again so we stopped in at Lahaina Beach House for a pint. (you may think this sounds like a lot of craft beer drinking but I was just getting started!) The atmosphere here was young and vibrant, the music was heavy and the patio was in the baking sun but that was totally fine with us! From there we decided that a visit to a brewpub would be a great idea and it was! We made our way to Amplified Ale Works Kitchen + Bar who just so happened to be celebrating their 4th anniversary. The 2nd-floor location and the outdoor patio with a view of the setting sun were exactly how we envisioned spending our next few hours! We met some new friends, enjoyed the great service, rocked out to the music, sampled the food and of course enjoyed a copious amount of delicious beers samples, ciders and sangria ! The walk back to our place was a real adventure as we navigated the boardwalk once again heavily under the influence. Tonnes of laughter and dancing like no one was watching. We made it back safe and sound, raided the fridge and called it a night!


With the big plans of the day centred around an afternoon downtown at the San Diego Beer Week kickoff event ‘Brewers Guild Fest 2016’, we opted for a chill morning. We hopped in the car, put the top down and set the GPS for Coronado. The trip over the bridge to get there was a real experience. At mid-span, it stands 200 feet above the water and is just over 2 miles long with sweeping views of downtown San Diego and beyond. We parked by the training base for the US Navy Seals and walked the length of the beach to the world renowned Coronado Hotel. We had a coffee and strolled around taking in the sites before making our way back down the beach to the car and then headed back to park it for the day.

(Disclaimer:I did not take this picture!)coronado-bridge

The event I had been waiting for was finally upon us! We called our Lyft and headed downtown. As we arrived and stepped out, we could already hear the live music being played inside the fences. Brewer’s Guild Fest was held at the Port Pavillion on Boardwalk Pier. According to their website, there were 81 breweries participating over the two-day event along with a slew of food trucks. I got through the gates quickly and the beer was flowing shortly afterwards. I documented each beer I sampled and by the end of the day, there was 33 on the list of 2-3oz samples. I was buzzed, to say the least, but I did manage to shoot a vlog documenting the entire experience that can be seen here! I picked up some great beer swag from Hoppy Beer Hoppy Life and Craft Beerd. Both guys were there running their own booths and have awesome stuff! Check them out!

The event ended with a typical drunken moment. I lost my phone that I had used sparingly throughout the day so it did have a good charge on it. After a quick look, I was coming to grips with the fact it was likely gone. We got back to our place and there was a message on my laptop from my son saying that someone had found it. Putting my home phone number on my lock screen just paid off big time! I used my “Find my iPhone” app and there they were. I gave them a call and asked them to stay put. Back downtown we went and met up with this awesome young couple that said they found it on the sidewalk just outside the entrance. We sat and chatted with them for a bit over a few more beer. We took care of their bill as a show of appreciation and returned once again to our place. It was a real roller coaster but I was thrilled the story had a happy ending. That was it for me. Lights out!


Game day! I am a huge Titans fan and this was a great opportunity to fly somewhere hot and see my team! Sunday morning was daylight savings so we got an extra hours sleep but for some reason, we were both wide awake at 6:00am. We decided to get up and get some fresh air. We walked out into the super thick fog that blanketed all of Pacific Beach. For the first time, it was actually chilly. We took a brisk walk around the bay to warm up and found a little coffee shop to have a nice healthy breakfast. The fog was burning off and the kickoff for all of the morning NFL games was getting close, so we headed back. I got on my Titans gear and off we went. We ended up at Oggi’s Pizza and Brewhouse. It was packed with football jerseys from all over the country and had a very lively atmosphere. It had TVs everywhere, great food and a nice selection of craft beer. A perfect place to get this day rolling. After eating, we made our way to the game and had a great time there, even though my team lost.

After the game, we went back to our place and decided that we should have one last San Diego dining experience. Following another quick Yelp search, the decision was made to head to one more craft beer focus joint. Tap Room on Garnet Avenue was a hit! I had a flight and one of the tastiest bacon cheeseburgers I have had in a long time. I saved my imperial porter until last and decided to finish the night off right and pair it with their fresh baked chocolate cookie with ice cream! It was amazing. We took a leisurely stroll back through town and then returned to prepare our place for departure as we were flying back to Seattle at 8:00 am.

Our San Diego adventure full of hiking, cruising, drinking craft beer and exploring the local foodie scene had come to an end as quickly as it began. We fell in love with San Diego and are already discussing plans to return. So much more to experience! The area is beautiful and has all of my favourite things in one warm and scenic region. Can’t wait to go back and have another adventure.



Sam Adams – Nitro White Ale,

Sam Adams – Rebel IPA

Alpine Beer Company – Rye’der on the Storm

Omer Vander Ghinste Brewing – Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge

Alesmith Brewing – Hibiscus Tart L’il Devil

Bagby Beer Company – Upside Down Frown Brown

Bitter Brothers Brewing – Golden Child Hefeweizen

Green Flash – Comet Hopper

North Park Beer – Stay Classy

The Lost Abbey – Red Poppy Ale

Resident Brewing – Vacation Coconut IPA

White Labs – Super Yeast

Bitter Brothers – Sibling Rivalry IPA

Bitter Brothers – Bitter Bill’s Pils

Bolt Brewery – Deez Hops IPA

Coronado Brewing – Islander IPA

Intergalactic Brewing – Space Gose Coast to Coast

Half Door Brewing – Hoban House IPA

Green Flash Brewing – Cosmic Ristretto Porter

Bridgeport Brewing – Candy Peel IPA

New Belgium – Accumulation White IPA

2Kids Brewing – Poppycock English Bitter

Reckless Brewing – Honey Badger Don’t Care California Common

New English Brewing – Zumbar Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout

Prodigy Brewing – Cock Strut Saison

Benchmark Brewing – Oatmeal Stout

Societe Brewing – The Pupil IPA

Second Chance Brewing – Tabula Rasa Porter

The Lost Abbey – Avant Garde Biere de Garde

Stone Brewing – Xocoveza Mexican Mocha Imperial Stout

Mikkeller – Overall Imperial IPA

Monkey Paw Brewing – Fear the Underdog IPA

Modern Times – Orderville IPA

Belching Beaver – Phantom Bride IPA

Green Flash – Soul Style IPA

Mission Brewery – Taste of the Glory ISA

Oggi’s Pizza & Brew – Torrey Pines IPA

Little Miss Brewing – Rosie Ginger Wit

Karl Strauss – Aurora Hoppyalis IPA

Legacy Brewing – That Guava Beer

Karl Strauss – Mosaic ISA

Lagunitas Brewing – TuberFest Marzen

Amplified Ale Works – Maibock Rock

Amplified Ale Works – Rare Form Belgian Strong Ale

Amplified Ale Works – Nyctophobia Imperial Stout

Amplified Ale Works -Whammy Bar Wheat

Amplified Ale Works – Dry School Hop Out Imperial IPA

Amplified Ale Works – Electrocution IPA

Victory Brewing – DirtWolf IPA

Modern Times – Blazing World Red Ale

Rough Draft Brewing – Grapefruit Weekday IPA

Deschutes Brewery – Black Butte XXVIII Imperial Porter

Knee Deep Brewing – Red Stapler IPA

Sudwerk Brewing – Marzen Amber Lager

Fall Brewing – Nervous Breakdown Imperial IPA

Ommegang Brewery – Hennepin Farmhouse Saison

Modern Times – Fruitlands Gose

Stone Brewing – Coffee Milk Stout

Coronado Brewing – Orange Avenue Wit

Acoustic Ales – The Verve Stout

Acoustic Ales – Red Red Amber Ale

Allagash Brewing – James Bean 2016 Belgian Triple

Acoustic Ales- Tush IPA

Ballast Point – Sculpin IPA

Ballast Point – Big Eye IPA

Ballast Point – Commodore





Elk Mountain – Chilliwack

DCIM100GOPRO(This is why you hike up mountains!!)


This will be the first post in a series highlighting all the hikes that I have done around the Lower Mainland and other parts of my home province of British Columbia, Canada.

You will find the trailhead to this hike about  an hour 45-minute drive from downtown Vancouver along Highway 1. Once you leave the highway at Prest Road you have a lovely 16km drive along Elk View Road that takes you around to the backside of the mountain through a picturesque countryside. On a nice day, the parking can be packed as it’s really just a dirt pull out near the trailhead. There are always lots of people parking along the side of the dirt road but be prepared for  a pretty dusty car when you get back!

The Details:

Round Trip – 2.5-3 Hours

Distance – 7 Kilometres /4,35 Miles

Elevation Gain – 800 Metres / 2625 Feet

Difficulty – Intermediate (This ain’t no walk in the park)

The hike starts out on a steady incline that is sure to get the pulse rate going. The spacious and easy to navigate pathway takes you through a dense forest . There are not too many flat spots on this trail. It’s either a steady rise or super steep but if you pace yourself, the reward at the 1 hour and 20-minute mark will be totally worth it. This is where you emerge from the forest and start to realise why you worked so hard to get here.

DCIM100GOPRO(Family GoPro selfie!)

The reward is a sweeping panoramic view of the entire Fraser Valley with Cultus Lake and the city of Chilliwack below. We took some time to snap some photos and get a little GoPro footage and then continued on to find the second viewpoint. After only 10 more minutes or so we arrived at our lunch spot. This clearing near the top faces due south towards the US and has gorgeous views of the neighbouring mountains that tower above the Chilliwack River below. Take note that the last climb to the top has a lot of loose gravel and can be a bit slick on your decent. Take your time!

DCIM100GOPRO(View to the south from the second view point)

For a quick video of our hike CLICK HERE